Getting me up the Matterhorn

James Brown talks below about his journey, with the help of JP Physio, to the summit of the Matterhorn.

After a lengthy lay off from Mountaineering, the pull of the Mountains proved too great and I had the urge to start climbing again. Over the years, numerous surgeries, including invasive bi-lateral hip operations, had left me in constant pain; frustratingly, limiting what I could do and curtailing my active lifestyle. Knowing I was struggling to get back to fitness, my Brother, who had nothing but good things to say about JoJo at JP Physio, suggested I go and see her, as she had helped him with a recent injury. From the first appointment I felt confident in Jo’s manner and approach. Jo assessed me and listened to my plans for the future and started to methodically work towards the root of my various problems. Her professionalism and positivity immediately put me at ease and we started working on a program to get me back climbing, pain free. The rehabilitation was progressively built up over the next few months. Jo providing a great level of care and direction - not just with the exercise protocols, but holistically too. Sleep, nutrition, alternative therapies, all bases covered. This, in addition to Jo’s cutting edge clinical knowledge was, I know, pivotal in the progress I made. Fast forward to the Summer and after two trips to the Alps I was feeling strong, robust and confident in my body again – more importantly, pain free! After ten exciting days of hard climbing, I finally achieved a long-term dream and proudly stood on the summit of the Matterhorn. I can’t recommend, or thank, Jo enough – she’s already helping me towards my next Adventures. Contact JP Physio on 07494069698, or email for further information. Or for all of our services visit here

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