If you don’t know much about yoga, or have never practiced before, you probably already have something in mind (especially if you’ve ever been put off the idea of joining in!)… maybe something along the lines of sitting on a cushion with your eyes closed, or tying your body up in knots? All very serious stuff. Maybe you have an opinion “yoga’s just for girls”, or “yoga is really boring” or “I’m not flexible enough for yoga”. Yeah... something along those lines..

But what actually is yoga???

Yoga is everything; in everything we do and invites us to step into the here and now… being here right now, exploring how it feels to be in our body and living from day to day. We use movement, or Yoga Asana as it is known, as a tool to access these more subtle layers of ourselves.

Some benefits of yoga include-

  • Increased strength, balance, flexibility and mobility.

  • A more mindful awareness in daily life.

  • Increased energy.

  • Being more physically aware of your own body.

  • Relaxation techniques to take into all aspects of your life.

What is yoga flow?

The yoga style that I teach is Vinyasa Flow. Vinyasa Flow is a style of yoga that synchronises movement with breath, helping to create a constant flow of movement. In my classes we aim to find an effortless flow of movement, even in the more physically challenging postures.

We gradually ease into deeper stretches by breathing and opening up the body, helping to build strength, balance and flexibility, and gradually wind back down and drift into relaxation.

Not flexible enough for yoga?

One of the most common things I hear when I tell people I’m a yoga teacher is “I’m not flexible enough for yoga”. Sure, some people are naturally more flexible than others, but this definitely does NOT define your ability to step onto a yoga mat. Obviously flexibility and strength doesn’t appear overnight but we can absolutely build foundations to work from. There are so many variations and modifications of poses, I like to say “any variation of the pose is still the pose”, so doing what feels best for you is key!

So after all that, fancy coming and giving it a try?!

My classes are laid back and light-hearted and my approach is absolutely doing what feels good for you; rest when you need to, do more where you want to & most importantly enjoy the class & show up with kindness for yourself.

I hope everyone to can find as much fluidity in movement as possible, letting go of rigid movements and tension & finding a natural flow.

If you have any more specific questions, please let us know... we’d love to hear from you!

Why not book for your first yoga class now? Call JP Physio on 07494069698 or

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