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Pre & Post-Operative Rehabilitation


Previously we thought we only needed Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation following completion of Orthopaedic Surgery, however thanks to modern science we now know that there is strong evidence to support the benefits of Physio and Rehab prior to surgery, commonly known as “pre-op rehab”. 

Early identification of areas that may require strengthening, flexibility, mobility, or increased proprioception (balance) have been shown to help improve the post-operative outcomes, including recovery time and reduce the risk of post-operative complications, ultimately leading to a more successful surgical journey and return to function. 


“Surgery is easy; rehab is the hardest bit!”. Now for the hard work, to get the best out of your surgery! 

Rehabilitation following surgery can be a frustrating and challenging time, but its inclusion in your treatment journey is paramount. Formulating a structured treatment and rehab program, helping progress you through each stage of your recovery, is what we do best.  

From the first time we see you, we will look to address any issues, physical or psychological, that you may feel is hindering your recovery, working to achieve normal function in the shortest, safest time frame. If you are looking to get back to higher level function such as strenuous work or sporting activities, our team will help set appropriate goals to get you back to your best! 

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Initial Physiotherapy Consultation

Consultation with initial treatment


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Review Physiotherapy Consultation

Review consultation with treatment


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