Ante & Post Natal Services

From the very beginning of pregnancy your body experiences many fascinating changes, all designed to prepare your body for both the carrying of your baby and the eventual delivery. With these changes however, your body will physically adapt and excess pressure can be placed upon certain areas. These changes generally increase as you progress through the trimesters, so anything you can do from the start to maintain good body posture and strength will hopefully ease aches later on.


Clinical Pilates is the perfect accompaniment for this. Clinical Pilates is a type of exercise that involves using your core (the abdominals, pelvic floor, back muscles, and diaphragm) to move more efficiently and it promotes keeps your body strong and moving during your pregnancy. Clinical Pilates is fantastic for enhancing this in anyone, and can be adapted to where you are in your pregnancy journey.

After an initial assessment with your physiotherapist, the small numbered class will be designed to suit your individual concerns and ability and help you to progress your physical ability over the 6 week course.


Antenatal Clinical Pilates

6 x 1 hour classes including initial consultation



Postnatal Clinical Pilates

6 x 1 hour classes including initial consultation


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